it is the collective will of people working together that makes things change

Spaces of Change creates opportunities for people to come together and have open, honest, constructive and creative conversations about complex situations and challenges then explore how to change them. Our approach is relational, which means it connects personal, social and situational transformation. This is because we believe that in order to create broader social change, we need to transform ourselves.




Our Practice

We combine our knowledge and experience of transformative pedagogy and adult learning organisational, community development, cross-cultural communication, coaching and theatre to design and facilitate collective research and learning experiences. These help you to see, think and explore ideas, situations and problems in a very different way.

Developing Collective Strategies

We work with organisations and groups to engage people and teams in building and creating strategies together. Drawing on existing knowledge and experience these also improve practice.

Facilitating Participatory Learning

We design and facilitate long term action learning processes that help groups and organisations continually apply their learnings and improve their practice over a period of months.

Building Core Skills and Coaching

We design group workshops to harness skills and approaches for handling challenges, diversity and change. Through coaching we help individuals and groups navigate change.

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