Designing collaborative and creative experiences that promote learning, action and change

Spaces of Change was founded in 2015 to create spaces and opportunities for better collaboration, cooperation and collective approaches to learning, research and change. We are independent practitioners who work and grow through collaboration. Together we combine our knowledge and experience of working with diverse people, organisations and groups around the world to help generate individual, collective and social change.

Our Values

Collaboration & Cooperation

Honesty & Integrity

Participation & Accountability 

Our Approach

Drawing on a range of participatory and learning methods, frameworks, group work and
coaching tools to provide unique experiences

Exploring the relationship between the self, the social and the situation

Working with real situations and challenges that affect people’s lives and work

Building on your knowledge and experience

Bringing people together across different countries, contexts and cultures.

Our People

Joanne Coysh

Joanne is the Founder and a Lead Associate of Spaces of Change. She is a specialist in adult education and transformative learning. Over the last 20 years Joanne has designed and lead collaborative approaches to problem solving, learning and change for civil society organisations around the world, including in low income and rural settings and humanitarian contexts.

Find out more about Joanne.

Anne Mosley

Anne is a Lead Associate of Spaces of Change. She is a creative core skills consultant, facilitator and coach working cross-culturally with people from around the corner and across the globe. She has a background in therapeutic and theatre practice both of which inform her methods of work and the theories that underpin them.

Our ideas and practice grow and evolve though the relationships, connections and collaborations in our work, projects and daily lives.

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